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   Rise Against hunger

May 13th  9-noon
Love Hungry - famine Prayer

Sun. Feb. 5th - 11-12:30pm - All TWIGS  

RAH-Love Hungry - Tribal Kickoff, Food & Poverty 

Sun. Feb. 12th - Following worship - All TWIGS 

RAH- Love Hungry Fundraiser - Super Bowl of Caring

Sun. Feb. 19th - 5-6:30pm  - All TWIGS

RAH- Love Hungry  - Shelter, Education & Health 

Sun. Feb. 26th - 11-12:30pm - All TWIGS

RAH- Love Hungry - Water, Safety & Closing 

RAH- Love Hungry Famine
trifold outside
RAH -  Love Hungry Famine
trifold inside

Meet Mahana - (Intro)

Mahana  - Food

Mahana  - Safety

Mahana's Water

Mahana  - Economic Empowerment

Mahana  - Shelter

Mahana  - Education

Mahana  - Health

Mahana  - Closing

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