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          July 9-13th 2023

      6-9pm    Preschool 6-8pm

Hero Hotline VBS registration form

Get ready for a fun adventure at Hero Hotline VBS where kids of all ages will answer the call to follow Jesus. This 5-day adventure is based on Romans 14:19; "So let's all strive for the things that bring peace and the things that build each other up." Through Bible Stories, science, music,  snacks, games, crafts and slip n' slides, children will learn that everyone's gifts are valued and each hero has a role to play to bring peace to the world.  Children are asked to wear their bathing suit under clothes and bring a towel each night. Please indicate if you would like your child in a crew with a friend. For your childs safety - each night parents or guardians will be given a parent pick-up ticket, parents must show this ticket to pick children up following the closing assembly. Tickets are collected and used each night. Parents of elementary ages are invited to our Hero Hotline closing assembly at 8:45pm to watch all our heroes in action. Registration is limited, so register early! Registration forms can be emailed, mailed or dropped off at the church.   Hope to see you there! ~Lynne  

Endwell UMC  Attn: Lynne Kimpland

3301 Watson Blvd.  Endwell, NY

Church Office: (607) 754-5735

Kid2Kid Mission - Pibbles and More Animal Rescue

For the Heroes: A pep talk
Animal rescue.jpg
Click on the image to make a donation or learn more about adoption and fostering at PMAR
Pibbles and More animal Rescue of Binghamton
Day # 1- Meerkats
Day # 2- Turtle - Tip toe
Day # 3 - African Lion
Day # 4 - Fennec Fox
Day # 5- Camel - Camelot 
Song - Child of Love
Song - Wherever I go
Song - How can you not
Song - Fruit of the Spirit
Song - Get Ready Set Move
Song - Victory
Song - My God
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