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Welcome to Kidz Connect

where kids connect to faith, friendship, fun and

God's Love!

To keep our Kids connected, these videos were made during 

2019-20 pandemic when we were not able to meet in person. 

Corie teaches kids how to have a "Courageous Heart!"

Rollie teaches kids "When we are open" with God, anything is possible!

Sparky teaches kids how to

"Get a grip" on self-control!

A butterfly shows kids how to be "Transformers for God!"

A Message about racism -

Horton shows kids what to do if they "Hear a who!"

Verdell the frog gives kids "Growing to be me" tips that will help them grow in relationship with God!

Unique shows kids how they are created by God to reflect our rainbow of gifts and talents! 

Daddy Dog shows kids how to be on the look out for God when they are going through a difficult change! 

Pinky shows kids that they all have gifts from God, but sometimes need a little help showing our

"True Colors!" 

Dolly shows kids how to be incredibly resourceful during the pandemic by sharing 3-Slothful practices! 

Wolly has an Easter message about being lost - but we are always found by the good shepherd!

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