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2nd Sunday in Advent    Peace  Dec. 6, 2020

 Celebrate Wonder

Mary's Joy
   Luke 1: 26-38, 46-56
Faith Word: Joy
 Wonder Box
Let's Wonder  
 Wonder Movie    "The Star"
"The angel appears to Mary"
Wonder Story
"Waiting" by Kevin Henekes
 Wonder Craft 
How to draw Mary
Weekly Wonder
Spiritual Practice
Advent Candle of Peace Devotion

Spiritual Practice

With your family - light the second candle of Peace on your Advent Wreath and read the devotion. Draw the picture of Mary (craft) and let Mary's picture remind you to pray this prayer before going to bed each night.

Dear God, As I wait, remind me to be grateful for all the joys in my life and comfort me when I am afraid. Amen

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